Towing Heavy Vehicles: More Than Just Troubleshooting!

Heavy-duty tow trucks are called in for all kinds of situations, which sometimes go well beyond towing!

If you’re thinking of driving a heavy-duty tow truck, be warned: you’ll see a lot of different things! You will find yourself in unusual, perilous and sometimes bizarre situations.


What makes these tow trucks so versatile is their equipment. In addition to having a very large towing capacity, they are often equipped with a crane, a winch and a large platform. They can therefore lift, pull and tow virtually anything. This makes these particular trucks much more than just tow trucks. They are designed to do big and difficult tasks, which require special tools and equipment.

Special Services

Aside from towing broken-down trucks, a multitude of services is offered by a heavy vehicle towing companies.


Sometimes a tractor, a crane or a truck roll to one side. Then, these special tow trucks are called to tow those vehicles because they are equipped with a winch that is powerful enough to keep them on their wheels.


When vehicles plunge into a ravine, a river or a hole, it is once again these truck wreckers, which come to the spot in order to pull out the stranded vehicle. Whether it is a car or a truck, they are the best equipped for this job.

Towing heavy machinery

These tow truck Tallahassee can also be used for cranes, tractors, excavators, graders, concrete mixers, etc. Almost no load is too heavy for them!


Following the overturning of a truck and its loading, many companies will also offer pick-up and cleaning service. Some go as far as dealing with hazardous materials spills.

Extraordinary transport

Mobile homes, cabins and all kinds of out-of-the-ordinary equipment, sometimes larger than the truck itself, can sometimes be seen on the road. Heavy-duty tow trucks, with their giant platforms, are all designed for this type of work.

Unusual Tows

We have already seen companies called for all kinds of situations out of the ordinary: towing a small plane, a tow truck that tows another, an excavator falling into a water hole, a snowplow stuck in a snowbank, and so on. These are on top of the usual vehicles that roll on a daily basis such as buses, emergency vehicles, recreational vehicles, army vehicles, just to name a few.

There’s always a way to get a vehicle out of a bad situation, whatever it is, with these extraordinary tow trucks of incredible strength and versatility.